How the Constitution will help reform public administration

The monthly newsletter of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform is devoted to the analysis of the state reform, in particular in the areas of parliamentarism and elections, constitutional and judicial reform, civil service, anti-corruption, etc.

Each year, on the eve of the Constitution Day, every­ one is turning back to discussion of the necessity and expediency of amending the Basic Law. Changes to the Constitution would contribute to solving problems in public administration which were considered in previous issues of the Bulletin. Moreover, even in professional circles, the deceptive and dangerous point of view of the fact that the institutional organisation of the government has little influence on the development of the state began to appear more and more often.

According to the CPLR experts, the Constitution should consolidate the provisions by which the Government will ensure the implementation of policies through the adoption of acts and coordination of the work of ministers, who should be responsible for the activities of services, agencies, inspections within the subordination system of their ministries. This will contribute to solving the problem of insufficient independence of the Government in the development and implementation of state policy in the system of distribution of powers of government.

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