How to bring administrative services closer to people

Decentralisation is one of the most dynamic reforms in Ukraine. It relates not only to amalgamation of communities but also to the enhancement of quality of administrative services in the localities. These exact purposes lead to the further establishment of Administrative Service Centres (ASC). Regardless of the location of the client’s residence, he/she will receive all necessary services in a “single window” without having to address different establishments of the town or region.

The debutants of the administrative serviсes reform, which was initiated back in 2012, include the largest regional centres of Ukraine, where a unified system of services provision aimed at eradicating corruption risks was created. This process received an additional boost after the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, when it became clear that the main cause of corruption is the old bureaucratic system that enabled officials of various ranks to receive money illegally for the provision of services. At the same time, the population spent a considerable amount of time on troublesome running from one administrative institution to the other.

An important role in the realisation of changes is played by international institutions, which implement large-scale programs aimed at the establishment of modern centres of administrative services. One of these is the U-LEAD with Europe Program funded by the European Union, particularly by countries like Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland, and Sweden. This Program is aimed at supporting decentralisation and improving the quality of provision of administrative services in unison with bringing them closer to the population.

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