12.03.2015. Roundtable “How to win the information war?”, ICPS

On 10 March 2015, International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) held a roundtable on “How to win the information war?”.

The participants discussed what kind of information on events in Ukraine European public is getting. They also talked about the role of the Ukrainian state, including the newly created Ministry of Information Policy, in informing international public about the real situation on the ground.

The experts noted that Ukraine has currently done nothing to counter actions of Russia in the European media space. In this respect, the role of non-governmental organizations, think tanks and academic community, in providing an asymmetric response to Russian propaganda, is increasing.

During the round table ICPS presented one of its project “European universities: lectures, which will tell the world about Ukraine”, supported by the International “Renaissance” Foundation. As part of the project 14 public lectures and 4 international conferences were held in various European countries, in order to talk about the reality of Russian aggression in Ukraine, the historical background of the conflict and its impact on the future architecture of global security.

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