How Ukrainian Regional Media is Surviving in the Coronacrisis

Internews Ukraine has tried to understand how the corona crisis has influenced the Ukrainian regional media – both the challenges it has brought and how regional media have responded.

The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered a serious blow to the world economy. Various countries forecast a GDP contraction of between 5% and 10%. Fields of activities that directly depend on interpersonal contact are the most vulnerable.

Ukraine introduced a strict quarantine after confirming its first cases. It has maintained it for several months, although has been softening the lockdown gradually. Transport communications between cities and regions have been limited or suspended; public transportation has often been suspended, public events have been cancelled, education institutions have closed, along with most retail shops, cafés, and restaurants. This has helped to limit expansion of the disease, but struck a huge blow to the economy.

The drastic decrease in business revenues and person-to-person contacts has also affected media outlets, which depend on advertising budgets, investments, and distribution infrastructure.

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