ICPS experts presented “Sanctions against Russia” study in Germany

On Wednesday, March 4th, the diplomatic briefing “Sanctions against Russia: successes, failures and future prospects” took place at the Berlin office of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR Berlin). During the event, ICPS foreign policy experts Mykola Kapitonenko and Anastasia Galouchka presented an analysis of the current state of sanctions against the Russian Federation and ways to improve it.

The event, attended by European diplomats, analysts and experts, was moderated by a senior political expert at the ECFR Berlin office, Gustav Gressel, and partners were ECFR and the International Renaissance Foundation.

As Mykola Kapitonenko stressed during the presentation of the ICPS study, the combination of sanctions of different types will allow for a more systematic influence on Russian politics; while the procedure of their periodic continuation will signal the dependence of sanction pressure on specific changes in the behaviour of the Russian Federation.

Anastasia Galouchka stressed that although the lists of persons subject to personal sanctions are being expanded, there are currently at least 14 individuals and one legal entity that has escaped sanctions.

Earlier, ICPS experts presented studies on sanctions against Russia in Washington, Brussels, Tallinn, Rome and Warsaw.

You could download the study “Sanctions against Russia: current state, prospects, successes and gaps of the multilateral international sanctions regime against Russian Federation” at http://icps.com.ua/nashi-proekty/analityka/sanktsiyi-proty-rosiyi-nynishniy-stan-perspektyvy-uspikhy-ta-prohalyny-bahatostoronnoho-mizhnarodnoho-sanktsiynoho-rezhymu-proty-rosiyskoyi-federatsiyi/

Source: ICPS