If Terms of Peace Are Not Set by Ukraine — They Will Be Set by Russia

Mykola Sungurovsky, Director of military programmes at the Razumkov Centre, analysed the views of the presidential candidates on the ways to return the occupied parts of Donbas and the Crimea.

Whatever the candidates’ last names, one can clearly see the initial idea between the lines of promises of “establishing peace”: “let’s capitulate on Russia’s terms”. Yet, it is impossible to stop the war and establish peace, when Russia does not want this. Ukraine’s wishes are of no importance here.

This painstaking work will take both Ukraine and its international partners a long time. It is being said that “Kremlin holds the key to Ukraine’s peace” — in reality, Kremlin holds the “lock”, while the “key” — is a joint effort to open this lock.

Russia has not just occupied Ukraine, it violated international law and positioned itself outside the framework of international justice, and thus, has to suffer the consequences. What we should be saying is “peace on Ukraine’s terms”. Otherwise, it will be on Moscow’s terms.

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