In response to the nuclear threats by the “Russian Federation”

In response to the nuclear threats by the Kremlin fascist, the civilised world must agree upon and announce a potential response today.

According to Ihor Koliushko, Head of the Board of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform, it must envision economic and boycott sanctions so severe as to make contemporary Muscovy’s very existence impossible. As a condition for lifting these sanctions, there must be an ultimatum consisting of the following points:

1) Nuclear disarmament and destruction of all nuclear weapons accumulated by Muscovy (when a child does not know how to handle his toys, they must be taken away);

2) The “Russian Federation” must be stripped of its status as a permanent UN Security Council member and therefore its veto power, given the liquidation of such a state;

3) The “Russian Federation” that exists today must be partitioned into a series of independent states, all of which will undertake a commitment to never again engage in international terrorism and instead to pursue development in the interests of its peoples, just like all European states do.

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