Insights into Russia-Negotiations: a Reality Check

VoxUkraine has explained why there is no room for a compromise in peace talks with Russia.

Western media and politicians keep discussing Ukraine-Russia “peace talks”. While doing this, they resemble a commentator of a chess game who is speculating about the next possible move while one of the rivals is beating the other one with a chessboard. These comments reveal the lack of basic understanding of processes in Ukraine.

Few people expect anything acceptable to emerge of these peace talks. The positions are clear: Russia wants an unconditional surrender, Ukraine wants its sovereignty. However, the talks keep going for different reasons.  Ukraine needs ‘green corridors’ for evacuation of its people and tries to use even the smallest chance for a ceasefire. On the other hand, Russia uses these talks to once again propagate its lies on the ‘neutral status’, ‘demilitarisation’ and ‘denazification’ that imply the elimination of Ukraine from the map.

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