Joint Forces Operation instead of ATO: What’s the difference?

Unfortunately, the change of format will not resolve the conflict in the Donbas because the troops will remain in uncontrolled territories. Still, the situation may improve in another perspective.

This was stated by Director of Military Programmes of the Razumkov Centre Mykola Sunhurovskyi in his comment to “Slovo i Dilo”. 

Changing the format will improve the management of troops and all forces there. The difference is that all forces are now subordinated to the Joint Staff. It removes the uncertainty that existed earlier. It seems that ATO is guided by the  Anti-Terrorist Centre, main tasks are falling on the General Staff, and as a result, it is unclear what is the subordination, what is the procedure for passing the orders, who is in charge.

The expert explained that the new format would streamline the management of forces and means responsible for the situation. According to him, the management becomes more operational.

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