Kerch Bridge. Russia’s fingers on the throat of Azov

The new bridge, which united the occupied Crimea with the Russian Taman, is more likely to be used not by tourists but by the military. This was stated by  Yulia Tyshchenko, analyst at the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research, in her comment to TSN. According to the data of Russian tour operators,  about 90% of Russians say they prefer to travel for a summer vacation to Crimea by air, not by road. This bridge is not for tourists, but for tanks.

In addition to the fact that illegal construction caused economic losses to Ukraine, which is estimated at $ 500 million annually (large cargo ships in Azov can’t actually be used due to low bridge supports), a grand construction of 19 km in length performs a huge environmental damage for the whole region. As the bridge supports slow down the stream in the strait that unites the Black and Azov Seas, Azov may become fresh and slowly turn into a lake.

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