Life in a Valise: Installation About Displaced Persons Unveiled in Kyiv

How much of one’s life can fit into a suitcase? This is the question that around 1.5 million Ukrainian internally displaced persons have dealt with for the past 5 years. Russia’s continuing war in the Donbas region and occupation of Crimea have placed Ukraine in 9th position in the world by number of IDPs. Thanks to the support of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST), Internews Ukraine has found a creative way to draw people’s attention to this problem.

On 10 May, the interactive installation ‘Fit Your Life in the Valise’ was officially opened in the Kyiv History Museum. As part of social projects by Internews Ukraine and UkraineWorld, its task is to shed more light on Ukraine’s social challenges. Divided into two rooms, the installation gives visitors the chance to step into the shoes of IDPs.

With a list of items from the moderator, a guest enters a room with a wall unit, a TV, a desk with a chair, a sofa and a carpet inside. Everything is reconstructed into a typical Ukrainian flat with everyday things that often have an intangible value for inhabitants.

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