Media Portrayal of Political Evaluation towards Visa-free Regime with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

“Europe without barriers” prepared a paper, which analyses political context of visa suspension mechanism, including public claims of EU officials and European media publications on functioning of visa-free regime with Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. The aim of the analysis is to define:

  • EU’s attitude to functioning of visa-free regime with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia;
  • position of Member states, especially France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary
  • position of national and European political parties within the EU and
  • media coverage in the EU of functioning of visa-free regime with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

In order to attain these aims, the paper starts with the introduction to give a brief background of visa liberalisation and reveal the objectives of the research. In the second chapter, an analysis of news reports, as well as statements and speeches by the political figures in the EU, will be conducted to have a thorough understanding of media coverage of political attitude towards the functioning of visa-free regime with three Eastern Partnership countries. It should be noted that the objective of this study is to grasp how media portrays political assessment towards visa-free regime rather than how public attitude towards the process is.

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