Meeting with 15 young politicians from Ukraine

On the 19th November 2015 in Brussels, Olena Prystayko, UTTLOB’s Executive director and Jana Brovdij, Research and communications Officer, met with 15 young politicians from Ukraine.

The meeting was held in the framework of the course “How Europe Works” organized by the Robert Schuman Institute (Budapest) in partnership with the Wilfried Martens Centre (Brussels).

Olena Prystayko presented UTLLOB and its most recent activities and projects to the participants. Furthermore, Ms. Prystayko explained the specifics of working on Ukraine and related topics in Brussels. “It is important to know who are your stakeholders and to not be afraid to contact them”, stressed Executive director of the Office. “Unlike in Ukraine, the bureaucratic system here is transparent and open to the public”, added Ms. Prystayko.

Young Ukrainians were also interested to know about the current Brussels’ discourse on Ukraine, how to better communicate Ukraine to Europe, what is the engagement of the regional Ukrainian think tanks and NGO’s in UTTLOB’s activities and finally whether the Office offers study programmes on the EU for the young people and high-school pupils.

When speaking about the best ways to communicate Ukraine to Europe, Ms. Prystayko stressed that Ukraine needs to do its homework. There has to be a successful track of reforms and changes taking place in Ukraine, otherwise no communication techniques can make up for the reforms failure.

UTTLOB wishes these bright young people a lot of success. The future of the country is in their hands!