Membership benefits

Our members have an opportunity to communicate with and bring an added-value and expertise to the benefit of legislators, civil society, and the wider public, as well as those who contribute to:

  • Making decisions and shaping the EU’s policy towards Ukraine and Ukraine’s policy towards the EU (politicians and officials in the EU and Ukraine)
  • Conducting policy analysis and assisting those who make decisions and shape the EU’s policy towards Ukraine and Ukraine’s policy towards the EU (analysts and experts)
  • Informing the public and influence public opinion (journalists and public figures)

The ultimate goal of our activities is to improve the understanding of Ukraine among the citizens of the EU, who in the end, will determine the fate of Ukraine’s EU membership.

Through the activities of the Office, our members are able to:

  • Strengthen their impact on the decision-making process of the EU’s institutions and on the Ukrainian government in order to enhance the prospects of Ukraine’s rapprochement to the EU
  • Strengthen their influence on the position of Brussels’s think tanks, public leaders, and politicians
  • Have a greater impact on the public opinion in Ukraine and in the EU
  • Increase the number and level of contact with the officials of the EU and the member states
  • Study the experience of European think tanks and adopt their best practices
  • Increase presence of Ukrainian experts on the international arena
  • Participate in international events
  • Develop cooperation projects with European experts at the international level
  • Receive more institutional funds for their projects
  • Join the networks of the European expert community
  • Increase expertise and organisational capacity
  • Develop new projects
  • Get greater access to European media

The list is not exhaustive and is regularly updated according to the needs of the members, capabilities of the Office, and the state of EU-Ukraine relations.

Our EU partners have an opportunity to receive unbiased expert information about the situation in Ukraine. This will help them to shape and implement policies towards Ukraine that would meet the interests and needs of both Ukraine and the EU. Representatives of Brussels-based think tanks will have greater access to the research and to the experts of Ukrainian think tanks. All those who would like to be informed about Ukraine will have an opportunity to receive regular information and visit the Office, which will become a “home” of Ukrainian NGO’s in Brussels.