Memocracy: How social networks affect politics in Ukraine

This study presented by Internews-Ukraine proves that Ukrainian Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte are flawed virtual mirrors that provide us with only a distorted picture of society. They all give different perspectives. But together they provide a picture of how Ukrainians perceived the elections and the new parliament, and how this interaction may have shaped Ukraine’s new political landscape.

Social networks are no longer just platforms for the free flow of thoughts. Today, they are important and simple tools that help us achieve various goals, including political ones. This year, the presidential election saw a major increase in digitalised campaigning in Ukraine.

Both the presidential and parliamentary elections proved that there is no way for political players to disregard social networks in the race for political victory. The election campaign pushed Ukrainian politicians into the game. Whether they wanted it or not, top contenders for seats in the Verkhovna Rada were the subjects of lively discussions on Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte.

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