“Men’s Business” Turns Female: Stories of Gender (In)equality in Ukraine – Part 2

Women’s increasing presence in male-dominated fields has not removed the discrimination and pressure they face in Ukraine.

On top of a 21% gender wage gap, sexism, ageism, and other forms of gender-based prejudice are still parts of women’s everyday lives. UkraineWorld talked to three women professionals in so-called “men’s fields” in Ukraine to find out what kind of challenges they face and how they overcome stereotypes.

Hrystyna Kit, lawyer, chairman of Ukrainian Women Lawyers Association JurFem:

One time, I was waiting for a court hearing with the opposing counsel in the case. He gave me a very sad look saying, “I’m sorry you are so unhappy.” When I asked why, he told me, “Well you are a woman, and the court is such a negative atmosphere! You absorb it and bring this energy home to your husband and children.” Such things make me laugh, considering my experience. But this instance illustrates the perception of women in the legal profession by some of our male colleagues.

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