Minsk Coercion: Pro-Russian Social Media Accounts Pressure Ukraine to Implement the Minsk Protocols

The latest Kremlin’s disinformation campaign on Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter portray Ukraine as an aggressor state.

On February 7, during his press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of the Minsk Protocols. “As for the Minsk Protocols, are they alive, and do they have any prospects or not? I believe that there is simply no other alternative. I repeat once again, in Kyiv, they either say that they will comply, or they say that this will destroy their country. The incumbent president recently stated that he does not like a single point of these Minsk Protocols. ‘Like it or don’t like it, it’s your duty, my beauty.’ They must be fulfilled. It won’t work otherwise,” Putin said.

Putin’s rhetoric coincided with an increase in messages related to Minsk Protocols on the Russian-language segments of Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter. Pro-Russian accounts have been relaying Putin’s rhetoric and saying that Ukraine is the aggressor state which does not want to implement the Minsk Protocols. UkraineWorld has analysed what this has looked like on social media.

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