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Our Mission

Mission of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels (further – the Office) is to create permanent independent centre for Ukrainian think tanks in the EU in order to enhance further European integration of Ukraine.

The Office is an association of Ukrainian think tanks with a unique focus on joint action at the EU level to advance reforms within Ukraine and the European integration of Ukraine.

Pluralism of thoughts, independence and impartiality are major principles of the Office work.

The Mission is achieved through our work in advocacy, communication and partnership building through:

  • Organising conferences, expert panels and roundtable discussions on    various Ukrainian topical issues in Brussels and in EU member states;
  • Organising advocacy trips to the capitals of EU member states;
  • Presenting and promoting our members’ research in the EU;
  • Informing members and public about Ukrainian discourse in the EU;
  • Establishing communication channels between members and EU institutions;
  • Building partnerships between Ukrainian and EU think tanks;
  • Streamlining members’ access to funds outside Ukraine;
  • Facilitating the development of new policy and research-related projects.

The Office holds representative role of Ukrainian think tanks in Brussels within its mandate given by its members. The Office represents Ukrainian think tanks and creates a permanent platform for their work in Brussels and the EU states.