Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #16

The Data Journalism Agency TEXTY conducted a media monitoring of Russian disinformation topics for the period of 28 October – 10 November 2019.

Neo-Nazism prevails in Ukraine, and sexual perverts are in power. Disinformers have come to such conclusions, interpreting all the scandals surrounding MPs. One quote from Lukash (minister of justice in times of Yanukovych) turned into a series of articles about the possibility of Zelensky’s overthrow. And the troop withdrawal has been “decorated” with outright fakes about shelling, discrediting of the Armed Forces and scary stories about armed nationalists. The results of the scandalous opinion poll in the Donbas were also disseminated: “Ukraine is in shock: the survey showed …”

Elena Lukash’s phrase on the 112 channel was picked up and duplicated by both manipulators and disinformers. The headline “Overthrow Zelensky is prepared in Ukraine — ex-minister” works wonderfully both as a clickbait and as a reinforcement of the beloved thesis of Russian disinformers about Nazis-terrorists.

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