Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #28

The Data Journalism Agency TEXTY conducted a media monitoring of Russian disinformation topics for the period of 9 – 15 March 2020.

Panic over coronavirus, quarantine, and the inevitable economic crisis – these are the topics in all media. Disinformers are also holding their heart on the pulse of the events. They mixed the already bad news with their eternal themes that Ukraine has long been under foreign control, completely dependent on the tranches of the IMF, the US, and the Russian ruble. And many varieties of conspiracy theories were disseminated, where the coronavirus is the result of the bioterrorism of some country. In their world, deputies of Servant of the People who are “faithful to Soros” oppose peace in Donbas, while in the West an anti-Russian campaign is going on, and the creation of an “advisory board” in Minsk is at the same time associated with the refusal to make peace and the capitulation to Russia.

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