Monitoring of Topics Raised by Russian Disinformation. Issue #4. Poroshenko and Election Circus Are to Blame

The Data Journalism Agency TEXTY conducted a media monitoring of Russian disinformation topics for the period of 17 – 23  June 2019. 

During 17-23 June media spread disinformation about geopolitical plot between US and Russian government, criticised Zelenski and Poroshenko, wrote about the parliamentary elections and provided misleading information about significant topics of the week: MH17 investigation report, the so-called “sobor” (meeting of bishops) called by Filaret, Portnov attempt to get back his chair in Taras Shevchenko University. “Junk websites” also picked up some topics of Russian disinformation.

Elections were the prevalent topic of the week. Ukrainian websites dedicated more materials to it this week compared to previous week, while media from occupied changed their focus and produces fewer materials than during the last period. The former determines the tone and context of the coverage, while the latter provides scattered facts in support of their agenda.

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