More than one and a half ads: a review of political advertising in Facebook 01/27/ – 02/02/2020

Petro Poroshenko is one of the most active users of promotion instruments on Facebook; Prosecutor General’s Office is seeking new staff and advertisers are mostly ignoring the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, – OPORA continues to analyse activities on public pages writing about politics on Facebook and Instagram.

The review prepared by Civil Network OPORA is based on the data from an open library of political advertisement Facebook (Facebook Ad Library) which keeps the information about active and inactive advertising related to social issues, elections, or politics for 7 years.

From 13,895 to 52,895 * American dollars – this is the amount spent on a political advertisement from 27 January to 2 February by 420public Facebook pages. 1639 ads have been broadcasted over this period. The majority of promotion posts, which were activated during this period, cost less than $100 (93% of all political advertisements). Only 83 ads cost more than $100, and 17 of them cost from $200 to $300. 1043 posts were published on Facebook (63.7% of ads), 39 on Instagram (2.3%), and 557 posts were published on both social networks simultaneously (34%).

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