Mykhailo Gonchar about domestic gas extraction

According to the president of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI Mykhailo Gonchar, Ukraine will be able to fully secure domestic gas production in the next 5 years and refuse import.

The government should work on complete self-sufficiency of gas, increasing its production and reducing consumption. Then it will be possible to reduce the price of blue fuel for the population.

In May 2016, the state-owned company Ukrgazvydobuvannya presented a program “20/20” to the government. This is a project that envisaged an increase in natural gas production from 2016 to 2020 from 14.5 billion cubic meters to 20 billion. If the government had been working more efficiently for the last 3 years, Gonchar believes, Ukraine would be self-sufficient in gas not in 5 years, but in 2 years.

We need to increase gas production on additional 5-6 billion cubic meters of gas and simultaneously reduce consumption by about the same amount. Then we will get a script called “0 gas import”. That is, imported gas will not be needed, because we will be self-sufficient with domestic gas extraction. To do this, it is necessary to implement a program of expanding exploration works – explained Gonchar.

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