Not only Ukraine: How Russian Narratives Influence British Media

Ukraine is still on the frontline of Russian strategies to “weaponise” information and use information as a tool in its a confrontation with the world’s democracies. UkraineWorld analysed this in its publications Words and WarsTaming the Hydra, as well as in other publications contained in the InfoWars section.

However, in the last few years, it has become increasingly apparent that Ukraine is not the only target of the Russian “active measures” in the information area. The US, EU member states and other countries have also become targets as well.

UkraineWorld and Hromadske recently met with Dr Gordon Ramsay, senior research fellow at Westminster School of Media and Communication in London, and co-author of the research Weaponising news: RT, Sputnik and targeted disinformation.

UkraineWorld asked him about the ways in which how Russian narratives enter the British information space.

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