Oleksiy Haran: “Some things are unacceptable”

Oleksiy Haran, Research Director of the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, commented on the latest TCG scandal.

Last week, Vitold Fokin, the deputy head of Ukraine’s delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) provoked massive public backlash after he claimed that he hadn’t seen “any confirmation” of a war going on between Russia and Ukraine (for more details, see our September 25 issue).

President Zelensky dismissed Fokin the very next day, but the scandal itself could have a lasting, negative impact, argues political scientist Oleksiy Haran in a conversation with Novoye Vremya. “Fokin’s appearance, his scandalous statements, and his quick resignation are just symptoms of deeper problems,” he says.

The way Haran sees it, Ukraine’s TCG delegation has been taking very few concrete steps: he singles out former president Leonid Kravchuk as a prime example of a delegate appointed to “play the role of a talker” and “give the impression that something is being done.”

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