On a Steady Track to Inclusive Education: What Has Ukraine Done So Far?

Inclusive education is quite a novelty in Ukraine, where the overall inclusion rate is just 7%. However, with Soviet-style segregation and neglect for people with disabilities in place, the country has made tremendous steps towards an inclusive society.

Of the 700,000 Ukrainian children with disabilities, more than 168,000 of them have special educational needs in Ukraine. While only 6% of schools have inclusive classes, the number is growing year by year since the legislative framework for inclusion was set in 2017.

It was largely thanks to the former First Lady Maryna Poroshenko that Ukraine got onto the path towards an inclusive society. Having no law-making powers, she started to advocate for inclusive education in 2017 and initiated changes in legislation. For the first time in Ukrainian history, the Law “On Education” was amended to protect children with special educational needs.

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