One in every three news items is about the war or its consequences for Russia. Monitoring of the Russian mass media for April 4-10

Russian disinformers continue to dedicate one in every three news items to the war and its consequences for Russia. So continues to analyse news on Russian websites and look at what the enemy is telling its own population about the attack on Ukraine. In order to do this, the experts analysed more than 14k news items from Russian state media and manipulative websites that purposefully spread Russian disinformation.

Russia against sanctions

Sanctions have a serious impact on the Russian economy. This is shown at least by the fact that over the last week, less than 1,500 Russian news items contained references to the sanctions pressure or attempts of the Russian economy to resist them.

Russian propagandists continue to search for the areas, which do not depend on imports”. They convince their population (and the whole world at the same time) that the Russian economy is not affected by sanctions, the rouble is a stable currency, and the desire of the U.S. to “lead Russia into default or depletion of remaining reserves” is unsuccessful.

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