Only single peacekeeping operations led to real peace

The introduction of peacekeepers to Donbas is not unrealistic, but the question is how much this mission, its mandate and composition will be in line with the declared goals. In any case, it can be a step towards ending the bloodshed, but what will Ukraine get tomorrow, when this mission ends its work?

Co-Director of foreign relations and international security programs at the Razumkov Centre Oleksiy Melnyk is convinced that Russia is trying to use the idea of a peacekeeping mission in its own interests.

“It is necessary to elaborate a clear plan, an algorithm for Ukraine’s actions on the implementation of such an idea, in particular, the status of Russia as a state aggressor is not formalized and undetermined. Russia takes part in the “Normady format” not as a party of the conflict, but as an intermediary. Thus, before putting an idea on the deployment of a peacekeeping mission to the General Assembly, the process must be completed, first of all, at the national level. We have a number of laws, statements, resolutions, but at the same time we give Russia opportunity to deny its participation in Donbas conflict”, expert stressed.

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