Opena data of governance structures: only 8% are machine-readable

On the Unified State Open Data Portal one expects to see open data as such. Instead, there is a lot of copies of contracts, telephone directories and a variety of reports. Where is open data?

Open data means not only transparency, accountability and easy accessibility to information for all but also benefits. In particular, it means less work with inquiries for information and disorderly databases for the state apparatus.

Now, one cannot say that on the Unified State Open Data Portal ( it is easy find and process the necessary data – some of the files are stored in formats that cannot be  processed by a computer, and the search engine at leaves much to be desired.

What shall be done?  In addition to compelling the presentation of all data in a machine-readable format, it’s needed to train officials how to collect data. It is also necessary to use a unified format for naming the documents.

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