OPORA Final Report on Observation at the 2019 Regular Presidential Elections in Ukraine

The Civil Network OPORA has provided independent, non-partisan observation in the regular 2019 presidential election. The organisation’s monitoring campaign began three months before the official start of the election process. The OPORA observation covered all of its stages, for which a network of long-term and short-term observers was deployed in the regions of Ukraine.

From October 2018 to April 2020, 151 long-term observers monitored the election process in all regions of Ukraine. The activities of the LTO were coordinated by 25 regional coordinators, while press secretaries in each region professionally covered the electoral process. To monitor the voting process and vote count, OPORA recruited, trained and engaged more than 3,000 short-term observers. They recorded all election procedures at a statistically representative number of polling stations in Ukraine. The unique products of OPORA’s short-term observation were the assessment of the quality of the election procedures at polling stations, the parallel tabulation of the turnout, and the parallel vote tabulation, as well as the proper legal documentation of the facts of violations.

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