Orbanomics Geared by Russian Nuclear Power

Mykhailo Gonchar, president of the Center for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, analysed the geopolitical ambitions of Budapest and the resources, which they require. Since the premiership of Viktor Orban, the Hungarian economy in Europe has been called ‘Orbanomics’, while the model of political governance introduced by him – ‘Viktatorship’, that is the dictatorship of Viktor.

Over the past five years, Hungary has evolved into a state in a split between Brussels and Moscow, with an economy drifting towards Putin’s kleptocracy under the authoritarian and pseudo-democratic domestic policy, with a foreign policy that is not only increasingly committed to the Kremlin but goes in the wake of its strategy of breaking the EU and NATO from within and restoring its domination in Eastern Europe.

The Russian revanchism, Orban and expansionism are fed by the raw materials, while Hungary does not have them. The know-how of Putin and Orban lies in the fact that Russia is ready to provide “cheap” energy for the affined regime in exchange for a certain set of “services” in Europe that Moscow needs in the framework of its anti-European and anti-Ukrainian stance. The Orban’s evolution towards the service model began earlier in 2009.

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