Personal Democracy Forum took place in Kyiv

On 25 – 26 September,  the Personal Democracy Forum took place in Kyiv. This annual conference brought together top executives, campaign participants, government officials, journalists and academics for a two-day marathon of presentations, workshops and new networking opportunities  in the field of public technology challenges.

About 200 participants from Ukraine, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Hungary, the USA, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Israel, Georgia and other countries learned about using open data to introduce more reliable elections, electronic tools for control over authorities and business, and effective ways of work with local authorities on open data.

“Open election data are just emergening. We will need to collect a lot of these data before we can use them well. Why is it important to know about the elections? If they are carried out reliably, peaceful transfer of power is ensured, the responsibility of the authorities is ensured, as well as a possibility to make sure that the authorities represent us correctly”, said Michael McNalti, a representative of the National Democratic Institute (USA).

Kosmin Pozheranu (Funky Citizens) shared with the participants his experience with using Facebook as a media during riots in Romania, Denis Bigus (White Collar Hundred) assured the audience that charity could be fun, and Jillian York (Electronic Frontier Foundation) explained to whom the Internet belongs.

In her closing remarks, the coordinator of the election and parliamentary programs of the Civil Network OPORA , Olga Ayvazovska, noted: “Today, the main task of active, young activists, those people who want to use technology is to find the “golden mean” between technophiles and technophobes.”

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