Playing the long game: How civil society can lead change – A unique brochure for NGOs from DiXi Group President

The book by Olena Pavlenko on DiXi Group experience was released recently. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. This African proverb accurately describes the main idea of this brochure, which tells about CSOs working together on EITI implementation in Ukraine.

The brochure tells the story of how CSOs in Ukraine started the EITI advocacy process in Ukraine and what were the main challenges and achievements on this path. This experience might be useful for CSOs and experts from other countries, where the EITI process just started or where the multi-stakeholder dialogue is emerging.

Ukraine is a country that has seen five energy ministers come and go while the EITI was being implemented. The success of advocacy lies in finding good partners, building a solid working relationship, and working together with all sides to reach goals. And sometimes, it’s important to keep moving forward in small steps.

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