Political Points of the CPLR for 1–8 July 2019

Civil society’s vision of reform priorities presented at the annual Ukraine Reform Conference in Toronto.

On July 2-3, the annual Ukraine Reform Conference was held in Toronto, Canada. Delegates of the governments of Ukraine and countries supporting reforms in Ukraine as well as representatives of the private sector and civil society attended the Conference. It was also attended by the President of Ukraine V. Zelenskyy, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, ministers of various governments that demonstrated a high level of the Conference.

Toronto Principles were presented at the event – key reform priorities for 2019-2023 laid down in more details in sectoral briefs on reforms in Ukraine. These papers were prepared by the civil society and widely discussed in regions of Ukraine. Experts of the CPLR were also involved in the preparation of Principles and sectoral briefs.

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