Political Points of the CPLR for 3 – 10 September

The President’s proposals on the constitutional changes.

1. CPLR expert opinion

On September 4, the text of the Draft Law amending the Constitution of Ukraine (on the strategic course of the state for acquiring full-fledged membership of Ukraine in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) No. 9037 was published.

The draft law was registered by the President. The explanatory note to the document states that formalisation of the “legal certainty of Ukraine’s course towards the membership in the EU and NATO will mobilise Ukrainian society and Ukrainian authorities and contribute to reforms aimed at achieving the criteria for full membership in the EU and NATO.”

Unfortunately, the mobilisation of society, which was repeatedly emphasised, is complicated by the lack of discussion of constitutional changes with the expert community and broad public discussion. These amendments were not considered by the Constitutional Commission.

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