Political portrait of the warring Kharkiv region: top-5 «missing» politicians

Kharkiv oppositionist with his own party and presidential ambitions, informal curator of the «Servant of the People» in the region, chairman of the largest faction in the regional council – these three political individuals, influential before the full-scale war, were united by silence after February 24.

In the second part of the monitoring of the regional political process, the Observatory of Democracy Analytical Center presents the brightest personal cases of politicians who stopped public communication after the Russian invasion and whose current whereabouts are unknown.

№1. Yevhen Muraev (leader of the Nashi party)

Yevhen Muraev, who decided to promote the personal party project “Nashi” after participating in the Opposition platform – for life and Opposition Bloc parties, in his last public statement on February 25 called on the Ukrainian authorities to “no longer compromise, but capitulate”, after which he closed access to his social networks and disappeared in a formally unknown, but predictable direction.

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