Political portrait of the warring Kharkiv region: top-5 open traitors

From the first days of the war, border settlements in the Kharkiv region were under temporary occupation. Leaders of the communities, to which the Russian military came in, chose diametrically opposed strategies: some of them evacuated, others remained and either refused to cooperate with the occupiers (despite threats and torture) or became collaborators.

In the third part of the monitoring of political life in the Kharkiv region during the war, the Analytical Center «Observatory of  Democracy» examines the most significant cases of high treason in the territorial communities of the region.

№1. Alexander Bryukhanov (Chairman of the Southern Community, “Servant of the People”)

Oleksandr Bryukhanov, the Mayor of Pivdennyi, was the first person detained for high treason in the Kharkiv region. He was detained along with the deputy and Head of the local police department on February 28. At the same time, the Russian military did not reach the territory of the community, and the detention operation was “preventive” due to the Security Service of Ukraine information about the Mayor’s agreements with the occupiers.

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