Political portrait of the warring Kharkiv region: top 5 political transformations

77 years ago, World War II ended in victory over Nazism, which the civilised world honors with the slogan “Never again”. However, Ukraine has already been experiencing this “impossible recurrence” on full scale for 77 days, and the fiercest fighting takes place, in particular, in the Kharkiv region, where during the war 22 of the 56 territorial communities turned out to be in full or partial temporary occupation.

Analytical center “Observatory for Democracy” represents the first part of monitoring the political life of the Kharkiv region during the war. A general “political portrait” of the region in individuals whose positions and actions turned out to be surprisingly different and sometimes unexpected is composed of the brightest personal cases in this material.

№1. Konstantin Nemichev (Head of the battalion of Kharkiv special unit «KRAKEN», Head of the regional organization «National Corps»)

26-year-old Konstantin Nemichev is not a completely “new face” in Kharkiv politics – in 2019 he nominated his candidacy for the Verkhovna Rada in the 170th district (Moscow district in Kharkiv), in March 2021 he was elected as a chairman of the Public Council at Kharkiv Regional State Administration, and in Autumn 2021 Nemichev ran in the early mayoral election (took the 4th place with a result of 4.26% or 12,295 votes).

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