30.06.2014, Brussels. Public debate with George Soros and Herman Van Rompuy

On the 30th June 2014, a public discussion with George Soros, founder of the Open Society Foundations and Herman Van Rompoya, President of the European Council was held in Brussels.

The meeting was attended by 2,000 participants at a high level – EU officials, ambassadors and diplomats of the EU member states and other countries, directors and experts of think tank in Brussels, media editors and journalists, managers and employees of NGOs and human rights organizations, business representatives, consulting companies, MEPs, students and others.

Participants spoke about the future of the EU, the UK’s referendum, the development of the EU’s economy. It was concluded that the next five years will be critical for the EU’s existence. EU should find identity, provide real economic growth again and become competitive in the global market. Britain does not have to give up the EU, since it is not in the interests of any party. France, like other major countries has to stop to put its own interests higher than European interests.