Public Support for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic Integration Course: Assessments and Recommendations

The Razumkov Centre presented its publication “Public Support for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic Integration Course: Assessments and Recommendations” based on the sociological research.

The Razumkov Centre’s multi-year monitoring highlight quite significant changes in public opinion regarding various aspects of NATO-Ukraine relations, as well as the perception of the Alliance by various segments of society. In 2002, one-third of Ukrainians equally supported and opposed the idea of Ukraine’s accession to NATO. Later, in 2002-2010, the share of supporters halved, while the share of opponents doubled. Since 2014, there have been dramatic — albeit not abrupt — changes in citizens’ attitudes towards the prospect of Ukraine’s NATO membership. In April 2014, 37% of Ukrainians were ready to vote for NATO membership and in November 2015 — 48%, exceeding the 33%-share of opponents.

A hypothetical referendum in the spring of 2021 could result in high turnout and convincing support for Ukraine’s decision to join NATO. As many as 71% of respondents confirmed their readiness to go to the referendum, and 54% said they would vote for Ukraine’s accession to NATO, although verbal readiness to participate is obviously not a guarantee of real turnout.

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