Putin Wants Ukrainian Land, Not Land with Ukrainian People

VoxUkraine has explained why Putin wants Ukrainian land, not land with Ukrainian people.

The recent evidence of atrocities in Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel and the brutal strike on thousands of civilian evacuees at the Kramatorsk railway station reinforce a sad reality: Human lives are nothing to Putin and the Russian army. Russian invaders will stop at nothing to exert force on occupied Ukrainian land by humiliating and killing civilians.

They level Ukrainian cities to the ground with indiscriminate bombing, causing tragedies such as Mariupol (almost 100% destroyed), Chernihiv (70% destroyed), and Izium (80% destroyed). They are ready to use banned weapons – possibly including chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons – to achieve their goals. Human lives are worthless to the Russian aggressors, even the lives of their own soldiers. This attitude is rooted in a barbarian mentality, but it can also be strategic.

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