22.04.2015. Reform of the public sector, expert opinion, Center UA

According to analysts, the number of public officials up until recent reforms in Ukraine was 1.2 million people or 2.7% of the population.

The state apparatus has increased in the past 23 years of independence, despite the fact that the general population shrank. During the economic crisis of the 1990s the government supported and even created a new dust-free workplaces – not very well paid, but stable.

The problem lies not only in numbers but also in the efficiency of officials in Ukraine. According to the World Bank, if the effectiveness of European official is 70%, the Ukrainian is only 30%. And all because of poor skills, professionalism and organizational structure of government agencies. It seems we have a new slogan for populist politicians, to reduce the state apparatus. This is quite easy to do, but it’s time to think about how to motivate officials to work really well. And this is a difficult task – said the expert.

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