Research “Political Portrait of the Warring Kharkiv Region”

During February-May 2022, the Center for Political Analysis «Observatory of Democracy» conducted the expert-analytical monitoring of the political process in the Kharkiv region during the war. Given the limited open data and generalised statistical information, the research focused on individuals -their actions, decisions, statements and all the public activity of leading Kharkiv politicians, local authorities, people’s deputies from the region. Realising the possible incompleteness of all the currently known information, experts see a special value of such a «political portrait» exactly «at the moment», because the retrospective studies after the end of the active phase of confrontation run the risk of encountering some mythologising or a direct distortion of the history of this war by certain political entities.

The study also aims to draw attention to the problems of working with voters and the performance of the direct duties of the representatives of government and local self-government. Given the global significance of the current events in the Kharkiv region, the monitoring aims to raise awareness of both residents of the region and citizens of other regions and countries.

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