Round table “Problems and perspectives in implementation of political party funding”

On 9 October 2017, the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform (CPLR) organized the round table «Problems and perspectives in implementation of political party funding».

During the event, the participants discussed a wide range of issues related to the perception of state funding of political parties by Ukrainians; ensuring implementation of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine «On Political Parties in Ukraine»; state control over the activities of political parties by the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NAPC), etc.

Natalia Korchak, Head of the NAPC, noted that the mechanism of political parties funding has been successfully launched, but we can’t stop at this achievement.

Korchak: «It is necessary to set up general rules for everybody. We need to clearly determine which expenses for chartered activity of political parties are lawful and which are not».

Yegor Sobolev, Member of Parliament, Head of the Committee on Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption of Verkhovna Rada, noted that the current majority in the Verkhovna Rada is wider than the formal coalition, and there is a huge desire to destroy the existing legislation on the political parties funding, to nullify all achievements.

Sobolev: «There is no more powerful way to develop Ukraine in an evolutionary way than to force all politicians to bear public responsibility for their actions».

Ihor Koliushko, Head of the Board of CPLR, emphasized that state funding of political parties is necessary.

Koliushko: «Without a step towards adopting the effective legislation on the funding of political parties, we will never have an effective party system».

Yulia Kyrychenko, member of the Board of the CPLR, outlined the results of the opinion poll on political party funding reform.

Kyrychenko: «only 29% of Ukrainians know that, beginning in 2016, parliamentary parties started receiving government financing, and at most 10% of the population support the idea of introducing such financing. The absolute majority of Ukrainians are convinced that parties must receive funding from their leadership and ranking members».

The round table was organized by the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform (CPLR) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the European Union (EU).

Video (in Ukrainian)