Russia Wants to Feed Ukraine. Russian Media Monitoring for May 30th – June 5th

Russian disinformers continue to cover every third piece of news about the war and its consequences for Russia. And analyses the news of Russian websites and reviews what the enemy is telling its own population about the attack against Ukraine. To do this, experts analysed almost 25 thousand news from the Russian state media and manipulative websites that are purposely spreading Russian disinformation.

“Mercenary maniacs” are fleeing Ukraine, and “Kvartal 95” oppresses generals

Last week, the enemy’s media wrote a lot about the declining mood and frustration among the soldiers of the International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “These people also end up in pockets under artillery and tank fire. Most are disappointed – they thought they were going on a «safari» but ended up in a real meat grinder. Many become crippled and wounded, their psychological mood worsens. They write about this to their friends, and the number of new mercenaries is sharply reduced.”

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