Russian aggression – a threat to the European Union

On the 4 March 2015, Dr. Olena Prystayko, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels, gave a lecture at Leuven Catholic University.The lecture was moderated by Matthias Krupa, EU correspondent, Die Zeit. The topics of the lecture included: war in Ukraine (its external and internal factors), the process of reforms and the development of the civil society  in Ukraine, national building process, common European security area, suggestions to the EU and the West on supporting Ukraine and possible scenarios of development of the situation in Ukraine.

 “Russian aggression is nothing but a direct threat to the European Union. It is a war on values and the struggle between past and future.”

“War is devastating, but it is also an impetus to the national building process.”

“Civil society is a main agent of change in Ukraine.”


Video of the lecture