Russian Hybrid War against Europe

On the 13th of July  conference “Russian Hybrid War and Politics in Europe” took place in Brussels. During the event, experts discussed the issue of  hybrid war and its components, which Russia is actively using against Europe. The participants of the discussion underlined misinformation and intentional misrepresentation of events regarding Ukraine and the neighbourhood as a typical element of Putin’s strategy. 

Jakub Kalensky from the European External Action Service underlined that Russia is using disinformation as a part of its military strategy, which secures its wide support within the country.

Within a discussion, Dr Yuiry Fedorov presented his recent book “Hybrid War a la Russe”. As he explained, Kremlin continues with the Soviet approach by denying Ukraine’s independence and willingness to advance towards the EU.

Political terrorism has long been a component of the Kremlin’s arsenal.

Energy expert Mykhailo Gonchar, President of the Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, mentioned that apart from “information weapons”, Russia is actively using energy as another tool to attack its opponents.

pc 2-s-w620-h300-q100-m1468482206Mykhailo Samus, Deputy Director for International Affairs, Centre for Army, Conversion, and Disarmament Studies, dwelled upon military aspect of Russian hybrid war. Russia was continuously involving both regular military units and volunteers once illegally annexing Crimea and during the military conflict in the Eastern Ukraine.

Concluding, Yehor Bozhok, Acting Head of Mission of Ukraine to NATO, addressed efficient confrontation against Russia that can be assured by strengthening cooperation between Ukraine and NATO.

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