Russian War Against Ukraine: Energy Dimension (Status as of April 27)

DiXi Group has prepared its next alert on the energy dimension of the Russian war against Ukraine.

  • The enemy continues to imitate terrorist attacks both on its own territory and on the territory of Moldova, with the obvious aim of escalating the war.
  • Approximately 701,700 consumers remained without electricity, over 228,000 consumers were without gas supply. The level of destruction can be evidenced by the fact that in the Luhansk region gas supply was possible only to 6 settlements.
  • The IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi visited the Chornobyl NPP site and the Exclusion Zone; the IAEA expert mission was launched to provide technical assistance.
  • According to the acting President of Energoatom Petro Kotin, under the conditions of occupation Ukraine cannot guarantee the safe management of nuclear material at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, as well as the fact that it would not be moved outside the station.
  • Ukrenergo became the Observer Member in ENTSO-E, which provides for participation in the association performance, incl. working groups on energy system operation, balancing
    and protection of networks, modeling of electricity demand, generation development, cybersecurity, RES integration.

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