Russian War Against Ukraine: Energy Dimension (Status as of May 15)

DiXi Group has prepared its next alert on the energy dimension of the Russian war against Ukraine.

  • App. 704,900 consumers (including 19,700 due to the bad weather conditions) all over Ukraine did not have electricity supply, over 228,600 consumers remained without gas supply.
  • Donetskoblgaz warmed about a possible gas supply termination in the whole Donetsk region and the area around due to the occupiers who disconnected the transit and inner main gas pipelines (used to be operated by the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine). While the DSO and GTSOU are looking for solutions together with the military administration, residents of the region are recommended to look for an alternative to gas supply (in particular, electricity).
  • Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko informed that unauthorised gas withdrawals by the occupiers from the transit flow were the last factor for GTSOU declaring force majeure on gas transmission via the Sokhranivka interconnection point. The volumes were presumably rerouted for consumption by the Luhansk TPP and other industrial facilities on the uncontrolled territories.
  • The Ministry of Energy looks forward to the EU joint gas procurement platform being deployed and letting Ukraine purchase gas at more affordable prices. According to Minister Herman Halushchenko, more active gas imports to Ukraine will start in summer.

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