Russian War Against Ukraine: Energy Dimension (Status as of May 20)

DiXi Group has prepared its next alert on the energy dimension of the Russian war against Ukraine.

  • App. 641,100 consumers did not have electricity supply all over Ukraine, while over 184,000 consumers remained without gas supply.
  • The intensity of fighting is illustrated by the fact that, in the Donetsk region, instantaneous gas consumption increased sharply at several distribution stations (almost 50 times in some places). Due to numerous damages and heavy shelling, valves were closed on several facilities.
  • In Energodar, the satellite city of the Zaporizhzhia NPP, the occupiers continued to terrorise civilians. The commander of fire brigade Vitalii Troyan was abducted, and firefighters who went out to protest were beaten and the rescue equipment was damaged.
  • Fires in the Exclusion Zone would not have a significant impact on the radiation background and would not endanger lives and public health – the IAEA.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba believes the EU will impose an oil embargo on Russia and its parameters are defined.

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